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♦  Four Fillies Farm opened as a horseback riding school in 1997.  It's name holds special significance in that it was named in honor of our four girls.  Since our fourth daughter was born that year, and since a young female horse is called a filly, the name seemed to fit perfectly.  In 2004, we were blessed with twin boys, naming our corral (Twin Colts Corral) after them.


Horses have always been a big part of Chuck's life.  Growing up on a ranch, he received his first horse at the age of five.  During his childhood he spent countless hours with his horses, cherishing time spent with each one.  He expanded his knowledge of this animal even further by studying Equine Science at Tarleton State University.  Whether training, teaching, grooming, breeding, or riding for pleasure, each experience has added to his knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of this beautiful animal.


As for me (Tiffany), I often say I "married into" the horse business.  Until Chuck and I began dating 33 years ago, I had rarely been around horses, and quite frankly they scared me!  Over the years I have learned to love these animals and along my journey I have learned a few things, too! 


Our four fillies are no longer little girls.  Our oldest graduated in May of 2011 from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Nutritional Science, and in May 2017 with her Master's degree.  She is now married and living in Choctaw, Oklahoma. She and her husband blessed us in September 2017 with our first grandchild! We can hardly wait to get him on a horse! Our second "filly" works as a cosmetologist at her own salon in Denton.  Our third graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Interior Design.  She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Filly #4 is in her third year of college studying to be a nurse.  As for our two little "colts", they are now fourteen years old and in the eighth grade. They keep us young and active!  

Chuck teaching in the corral.